About Us

Who We Are

Green Cycle is a driver in the following areas:
Main Services

• Green consultancy
• Environmental audits
• Local eco-friendly recycling solutions
• Scrap, solid and wastewater management
• Accelerating environmental sustainability solutions and advocacy

Other Services
• Eco-friendly supply of PPEs
• Sustainable mining supplies
• Green cleaning
• Eco friendly office supplies
• Eco-friendly printing solutions

Green Consultancy
Offers a complete range of services to help you increase the sustainability of your organisation’s activities. For organizations that have no environmental managers we can provide all of the functions needed to find solutions to your environmental effects and carbon foot prints.

Environmental Sustainability Strategies:
Business Consultancy

Green cycle stands to support businesses and local authorities who have embarked on the sustainability journey by providing consultation that leads to true sustainability. We look at the cradle to grave of the business activities when designing sustainability systems for (water, energy, community engagement) in addition to social responsibility programs, and training programs and policy review and development.

Green Cycle Enterprise is a waste management and a consulting company. Our services  employ the use of environmentally friendly management of scrap materials; paper, cardboard, copper, aluminum, light metals, heavy metals and general handling of end of life obsolete equipment . We are also offer Industrial and Domestic Cleaning Services,  Supply of Personal Protective Equiptments  (PPEs), Office Equipment Supplies. Our service extend to  Metal Works and Fabrication.

Green cycle and the sustainable development goals
The United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals, laying out a vision for the world by 2030. These global goals outline a shared development path that encompasses all peoples and aims for an inclusive and sustainable future

Green Cycle programmes correspond to ten of the SDGs.
Green Cycle has recognized the need for a holistic, integrated and global approach to developmental and environmental challenges, reflected by our advocacy and her activities. Along with NGOs, we seek to work to promote such international, multidisciplinary frameworks of water, sanitation and development.

The journey
Partner with us to shift whole industries and sectors toward social, environmental and economic sustainability.
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